From our Founder

Hear how one former street youth created KITO International.



KITO International is a non-profit social enterprise with a simple philosophy: give street youth an economic opportunity, and they will work their way out of poverty and stay off the streets forever. We believe every youth has the ability to become self-sufficient; they only need an opportunity.


KITO International's work is dedicated to one belief: we must keep our youth off the streets. For populations like street youth, a job signifies a bridge to social reintegration. For those who have never been employed, a job is a source of pride and security. A job provides an opportunity for a healthy livelihood. A job is ultimately about dignity and freedom. To be able to work and study, use a Cheap Essay Writing Service By Top Essay Writers. When youth are economically independent, they are more likely to contribute and to engage in the economic, social and political affairs of their community and country.