Our Staff

  • Reuben Owuor
  • Wiclif Otieno

    Founder & CEO


    As a former street boy, Wiclif brings deep connections and a superior understanding of the street youth community. He envisioned the KITO concept in early 2009. Wiclif is an entrepreneur, community activist and represents the power of opportunity. At the age of 14, an American businessman helped Wiclif start a business, which now employs 4 former street youth. Additionally, Wiclif has worked with community development organizations that serve orphans, street youth and HIV positive woman. Wiclif is a 2010 Cordes Fellow, which enabled him to travel to Ixtapa, Mexico to represent KITO at the Opportunity Collaboration.

  • Reuben Owuor
  • Reuben Owuor

    Program & Operations Manager


    Prior to joining KITO as youth in 2011, Reuben worked with his uncle selling chips along the road. After successfully completing the program, he went on to become a Facilitator in 2012. Working alongside KITO's founder, Wiclif, he was able to gain skills in leadership management. Today he utilizes those skills, acting as the head of KITO in Wiclif’s absence.


    KITO has given him the chance to meet countless people; through his networking, Reuben was able to obtain sponsorship to further his education. He is currently studying for his Advanced Diploma in Project Planning and Management at Nairobi Aviation College.


    ''Long live KITO!'' -Reuben

  • Reuben Owuor
  • Petre Nyoike

    Marketing & Sports Coordinator


    Petre's time at KITO began in 2011 when he was referred to the program by Alex, one of the first youth to complete KITO's training. After graduation he became a Facilitator, but soon found his calling within EcoSafi where his outstanding marketing skills have been put to work. He is now the head of marketing at EcoSafi, leading the effort to market our products to new clients. As an avid football player, Petre also leads KITO's sports initiatives.


    ''When I have a passion for something, I stop at nothing.'' -Petre

  • Reuben Owuor
  • Millicent Matemo

    Youth Development Coordinator


    Millicent came to KITO as a volunteer intern in 2012. Three months after starting, she was promoted to a full-time coordinator position. She now overseas our training and education program.

  • Reuben Owuor
  • Wilkister Ahinga

    Lead Facilitator


    After completing KITO's training program as a youth in 2011, Wilkister joined our staff as a Facilitator. KITO has enabled her to expand her network; through this network she was able to obtain sponsorship to complete her Advanced Diploma in Project Planning and Management at Nairobi Aviation College.


    ''KITO has helped make my dreams come true'' -Wilkister

  • Reuben Owuor
  • Aggrey Kiribwa

    EcoSafi Supervisor


    After dropping out of secondary school in Mombasa before graduating, Aggrey came to Nairobi in search of work; it was here that Aggrey met our founder, Wiclif. Before the training program at KITO was developed, Aggrey worked for EcoSafi as an intern. In due time, Aggrey became one of the first seven youths to graduate from KITO. After graduation, Aggrey joined our staff within EcoSafi. With his expertise in screen-printing, he leads our bag making efforts.


    ''We did not choose where we were born, but you have to choose what you want in this life.'' -Aggrey

  • Reuben Owuor
  • Vitalis Okinyo

    EcoSafi Trainer


    Before beginning work at KITO, Vitalis worked as a construction worker. He now is as a trainer within EcoSafi, teaching youth how to construct bags, sandals, bracelets and cards from recycled materials.