Success Stories

KITO graduates go on to do amazing things. Our graduates return to school, start their own businesses or find employment in the formal sector. Read more about our successful youth below:


Alex Govinda

Govinda before KITO.

My name is Alex and I am 22 years old. I am an orphan. I lost my parents when I was very young. I was in school, but had started going to the street to hustle for money to be able to support myself. Life was so hard since I had no money and no one to support me. I would collect metal scraps and sell them to earn money for food.


When I joined the street, I was living with my cousin who was later shot dead because he was an armed robber. I was rescued from the streets by Kivuli Centre for Rehabilitation and was taken back to school. I finished two years of high school, before I had to drop out. There was no more funding and I had to return to the streets. During that time, some of my friends on the street were shot dead. I was also engaged in crime, but I was lucky to not have been shot.

Govinda after KITO.

In 2009, a guy named Wiclif came to our base and share with us his dreams and vision for street youth since he was a former street boy. Initially we were apprehensive about him because other people had come to us before, promised to help, took pictures and disappeared.


Wiclif organized discussions at his workshop where we talked about our challenges and resolutions, and from there, we basically designed KITO with him. We were really encouraged by Wiclif and he really inspired us. We also wanted to be like him, or even better. In 2010, during the selection from the thirty street youths from different bases, I was one of the seven selected.


Since I started working for KITO, my life has really changed. I now earn a regular income to pay my own rent and meet my needs, and I also save five hundred [shillings] every month. I have a safe place to save my money and also to live. In KITO, I have gone through training and acquired skills that I will also pass on to my comrades who are still on the streets. KITO gave me an opportunity to better my life and think about my dreams.


Susan Melima

Susan Melima.

My name is Susan Melima and I am 22 years old, living in Kawangware. I joined KITO as a trainee for two months and then after finishing the training, KITO sponsored me to go to hairdressing school to learn to become a saloonist. I thank KITO for everything they have done to help me. May God bless KITO as the program continues to help many youths like me.



My name is Glorio and I am 22 years of age. I joined KITO as a trainee and later after finishing the training they gave me a start-up loan to start a chips business in Kawangware. With my business, I am able to feed my three children and pay rent for my house. I thank KITO for everything.