Our Approach



Street youth are recruited by team members, recommended by affiliate organizations, or apply on their own. We select KITO youth through a participatory interview process that includes group and individual challenge games. We look at one's leadership and team-work capabilities, entrepreneurial creativity, positive attitude, and performance during challenge games.


Training & Education

Youth who successfully complete the interview process enter into a two month rigorous training program. The training covers life skills, entrepreneurship skills, the basics of personal finance and savings, marketing and sales, leadership development and team-building.



Youth who graduate from the training program are offered employment at KITO's business, EcoSafi, for four months. At EcoSafi, KITO youth get hands on experience in marketing, customer relations, accounting, and production.



If we had it our way we would keep KITO youth around forever. However, we want our youth to continue to grow to their fullest potential. KITO customizes each youth's exit strategy to ensure their continued success. Previous graduates have started their own business, found full time employment, or continued their education with the help of KITO's Scholarship Program.